Organic Holiday Spice Black Tea from Arbor Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Arbor Teas

Company Description:

A perennial favorite for the holiday season, our organic and Fair Trade Certified Holiday Spice Black Tea pairs bold North Indian black tea with generous doses of orange, cinnamon and clove flavor! Despite the generous flavoring, the brisk and coppery qualities of the black tea really come through. Like all of our flavored blends, our Holiday Spice Black Tea uses only the highest quality teas, essential oils and botanical ingredients, insuring an excellent cup every time!

Ingredients: organic Indian black tea, organic orange peel, organic cinnamon, organic clove, and natural orange cinnamon spice flavor

Taster’s Review:

This tea smells so good.  Seriously good.  I want to put a bowl of this tea out on the coffee table in the living room so that my house smells like this tea!  It smells strongly of orange, with delightful spice notes of cinnamon and cloves.  It smells like Christmas!

The flavor is just as pleasing as the aroma.  The black tea base is an invigorating, full-flavored tea that not only supports the flavors but is able to shine thorough in the presence of them.  The base has a very clean flavor and a moderate amount of astringency that is slightly drying.

The orange flavor is bright and sunny without tasting overly flavored or artificial.  The cinnamon and cloves compliment the orange flavor nicely.  It has a wonderfully welcome and warming taste that is just right for this time of year.  I’m finding it particularly comforting this evening after spending all afternoon in the mall.  (Why do I wait until last minute to shop?)

This is a pleasant, lightly sweet cup.  I like to add just a drizzle of honey to the cup, it not only adds just a little sweetness but I like the way the honey enhances the flavors of the orange and spices.

Also worth noting:  Now while supplies last, this tea is marked down 25% from the regular price!   A great tea at a great price!

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