Chocolate Caramel from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tea Description:

Ingredients:  Premium black teas, organic cacao nibs, natural flavors.

This tea is part of 52Teas Box of Chocolates sampler.

Taster’s Review:

OK… this is the one, the one I’ve been waiting for!  The one that I saved for last, hoping it would be the best.  I mean, yeah, it’s no secret by now, I love chocolate, but, if there is one “sweet” that I love just as much as chocolate, that would have to be caramel.  And when they’re together in one confection, it’s almost heaven.  (To reach heaven would require the addition of salt on said confection, or perhaps peppered bacon … yes, yes, I’m a sweet tooth, and I love flavor contrasts like salty and sweet, or even better would be salty, spicy and sweet)

Anyway … I’m happy to say that this tea did not disappoint.  Of the six new-to-me chocolate teas in this Box of Chocolates sampler, this tea is my favorite (followed closely by the previous favorite:  Cherry Cordial).  It has a very pleasing level of chocolate and caramel flavor, and the very first flavor that I tasted with my first sip was that yummy burnt-sugar caramel taste.  Mmmmm!

The black tea base works quite well with these flavors.  The hint of malt from the Assam offers some dimension to the caramel flavor, while the overall flavor of the tea gives a pleasing depth to the chocolate notes.  The tea tastes rich and satisfying, and the sweeter notes of the caramel seem to soften the astringency a bit, creating a smooth, well-rounded taste from start to finish.

This cup of tea made the entire Box of Chocolates sampler worthwhile to me.  Yes, I love it that much!

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