Golden Oolong from Peony Tea S

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Peony Tea S

Tea Description:

Looking for a soothing, comforting ‘everyday’ tea? Why not try the Golden Oolong which is an uplifting experience, from the moment it touches your lips to its sweet and mild aftertaste. Worth it’s weight in gold.

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Taster’s Review:

This tea really took me by surprise.  Usually, before brewing, I manage to develop in my head what I’ll be experiencing with a tea … before I even taste it.  I get an idea of what the tea will taste like based on the name of the tea or the appearance of the dry leaf.  Because the leaves here very much resembled a Ti Kuan Yin, well, that’s what I thought I’d experience here.

And while this Golden Oolong from Taiwan does have the appearance of a Ti Kuan Yin, it doesn’t really taste like one.  The floral notes – which taste a bit like Lily to me – here are more distinct, more fine-tuned … more focused.  They are sharp and clear.  They aren’t softened by a buttery tone although there are some buttery notes to be discovered in the background, along with a hint of vegetation.

But the surprises don’t stop there.  Despite its rather forward floral notes, the aftertaste is surprisingly mellow.  It is sweet and after a few sips, begins to resemble wildflower honey in taste.  The tea offers a very smooth delivery from start to finish.

A truly unique Oolong that I’ve found very enjoyable … the subsequent infusions are just as enjoyable, as the flowery notes soften somewhat, the flavors become sweeter, with the honey notes emerging not just in the aftertaste but throughout the sip.

A very enchanting tea!

1 thought on “Golden Oolong from Peony Tea S

  1. I love this tea as well! Great review, you have such a deep understanding of tea.

    I also really love Mountain Tea’s Imperial Pearl Oolong! I’d love to read your thoughts on that.

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