Strawberry Lemon Basil from ESP Emporium

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos (red), Tisane

Where to Buy:  ESP Emporium 

Tea Description:

Only the best for the spoiled berry, the queen amongst the gourmets … A hint of lemon, just the perfect helping of basil and a carpet of red roses with fanfares! Take this “state visit” home with you and you’ll soon win all votes.

Ingredients: Rooibos tea, basil, flavoring, freeze-dried strawberry pieces and lemon granules (fruit (lemon juice), malt dextrin, natural lemon oil, gelling agent: sodium alginate), red rose petals.

Serving Size: 1-2 level tsp./6oz serving

Brew Temp: 203 to 212 degree F

Brew Time: 8 to 10 Minutes

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Taster’s Review:

I love it when someone wants to do a tea trade and asks me for a tea I have not had myself in ages. It is a nice reminder to dig something out and enjoy it all over again! This is what happened with this lovely red rooibos tisane!

As I have said in other reviews – I’m not big on red rooibos, but once in awhile there is one that grabs my attention. I have had this in my stash for quite awhile now and it is overdue time to savor it again.

Speaking of savoring something – this is quite the savory tea – although it is also quite sweet. It may even be a little too sweet for some but the lemon and basil do a wonderful job of aiding in it becoming cloying.

Upon first sip, the ripe sweet strawberry flavor is most present, then followed nicely by the basil, with lemon not far behind to give a nice cleansing of the palate and taking away the initial sweetness of the sip. I appreciate that the lemon is not too tart as well.

This tea is good cold but I prefer it hot, although I have read where most others prefer it iced. You can let your own taste buds decide how you like it but the fact that it is a versatile tisane is nice.

Roses take only a minor role in the cup so if you are not a fan of the more floral teas I would not shy away from giving this one a try. The rose comes though not in the aroma but in the flavor and only a slight bit yet I find personally I have to really swish the tea around in my mouth to get that flavor. The rose is also present in the aftertaste for only a few moments – as if they bloom quickly and then the petals delicately blow away into thin air.

Another thing I love about this tea is in my opinion red rooibos is a difficult tea to work with. Too many times the rooibos flavor takes over and the other flavors become hidden elements or are not complimentary. This blend works perfectly with the natural flavor of the rooibos, which is why it is still in my cupboard.

One could say this is a lovely summer brew but I am finding it will be a nice tea to sip on in colder weather. Between its savory appeal and the strawberry, lemon, and rose, it will be a nice reminder of the warmer days as well.

A big thank you to my tea trade parter for reminding me to appreciate this good tea hiding in my stash!

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