Organic Morning’s Journey Black Tea from Hugo Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Hugo Tea

Tea Description:

Behold friends! The pure black tea blend you’ve been seeking. Morning’s Journey is my private blend of three black teas from three countries. This loose blend holds unparalleled balance and flavor, ready to sustain your adventures—no compass or knapsack required. Keep it close and brew it often.

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Taster’s Review:

This has to be – if not THE smoothest black tea blend I’ve ever come across, then certainly one of the top three.  I seriously cannot think of one that I have tasted that was smoother than this. This tea doesn’t need milk and sugar to create a smooth and creamy tasting cup – it’s like that, without additions!

So smooth and amazingly delicious is this tea that after taking the first couple of sips, I began to question whether or not it should actually be deemed a “morning” blend because it lacks that certain “kick in the cup” kind of gusto that I often look for in a breakfast blend or that all-important first cup of the day kind of tea.  BUT … don’t dismiss this as not being up to par with some of those shake-you-awake kind of teas … while this tea doesn’t have that certain “shaken awake” kind of attitude, it DOES offer a more subtle approach to wakefulness.

Instead of that “kick” … what this does is wrap you with warmth, and gently invigorate you – like giving you a morning hug … so it wakes you, it just takes a kinder approach.  It is a rugged, hefty tea, but, not rugged like “Rambo” who would kick your but and then ask the questions.  This is more rugged like the way I’d guess Sean Connery would be … smooth, calm and collected.  But still bold in its own way.

This tea has a creaminess that is malty …. mmm … caramel-y!  And this is really what I notice primarily in the first couple of sips.  Just this really delicious, almost decadent sort of creamy taste to the cup.  Afterward, I begin to explore the many layers of flavor that this tea offers.  I notice fruity notes, with flavors that range from sweet date to grape, and perhaps even a hint of sweet apple in there, but without any tartness that would be associated with any fruit.  Just the sweet flavors.

Then I start to notice a chocolate-y background note.  It is sweet and rich.  I think I missed the chocolate-y notes in the first few sips because the caramel was so amazingly delectable that I had mistaken the hints of chocolate as part of the caramel but now I’m able to pick out the chocolate too.  And now that I’m just a little more than halfway through my first cup, I start to pick up on spice notes.  Slightly peppery – but only slightly – just enough to perk up the palate and get its attention, but not enough to make it taste spicy or disrupt the smooth character of the cup.  Perhaps even a hint of cinnamon in the distance.

This is truly a remarkable black tea.  If you’ve room only for one morning/breakfast tea in your tea cupboard, I’d recommend this one.  This is one that I’d happily drink daily.  It is REALLY that good.

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