Kenya Rift Valley Green Tea from Grey’s Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Grey’s Teas

Tea Description:

A rare and wonderful orthodox green tea from Kenya… Now aged 111 Arthur Njuguna Komo planted his tea estate over fifty years ago on naturally fertile soils at an altitude of 6700 ft in Gatundu District, amongst the foothills of Mount Kenya, alongside the Rundu and Mukengeria rivers. Whilst continuing to play an active role in ensuring the quality of his tea and furthering the enlightened approach to employment which he pioneered, it is now run by his grandaughter, Joy. This orthodox, large leaf green tea is loosely rolled and has a sweet and fruity aroma of peaches, nectarines and mangos. In the cup the greeny gold infusion is mellow, complex and full flavoured. Brew for thirty seconds with freshly boiled water that is a minute off the boil. Up to five infusions can be made with the leaf. Truly delicious.

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Taster’s Review:

Oh, I’m really enjoying this!

It isn’t often that I come across a pure green tea (that is, an unflavored/unblended green tea) that possesses more fruit notes than it does vegetative notes.  Usually, when I taste a green tea, I’m expecting a vegetative tone, be it a grassy note or something that tastes more of steamed or fresh leafy vegetables … sometimes, I am surprised to taste a mild bean note or something.  But, usually, I expect something that could be characterized as “vegetal.”

But, this tastes more of fruit than of vegetative.  Oh sure, there are some vegetative notes in the distance.  But they are way off, and only really obvious when I am really focused on finding them.  The more prevalent flavors here are that of nectarine and of mango, believe it or not.  No, go ahead and check the description above again … this is not a tea that’s been altered with fruit flavoring.  This is a green tea – pure and true – from the Gatundu District in Kenya.

The texture is somewhat brothy – smooth and rich!  And as the tea cools, more of the vegetal notes become more apparent, but, those beautifully juicy and sweet fruit notes remain.

This tea is special – I’d recommend this to everyone!

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