Oolong Formosa from Utopia Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Oolong

Where to Buy:  Utopia Tea 

Tea Description:

The name speaks for itself, Formosa meaning “beautiful” tea. Our Oolong Formosa is semi-fermented with copper red leaves and have silver tips. The tea leaves offer hints of vanilla and citrus for a smooth and spicy taste. Oolong Formosa got its name from the Portuguese explorers that called the island, Formosa. Oolong Formosa contains a large amount of natural plant-derived antioxidant compounds called polyphenols that fight off cancer and a variety of diseases. Oolong tea leaves have been proven to protect the body, lower cholesterol, promote healthy blood vessel functionality, and strengthen the immune system. Small amounts of Vitamin C and K, potassium, and calcium have been found in Oolong tea leaves. Try this tea hot or over ice!

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Taster’s Review:

Utopia Tea’s Formosa Oolong is a nice daily oolong. Its not the most mind blowing oolong by any means but this is a tea for when you don’t want to nor have the time to sit paying attention to your steep. It is a forgiving oolong that can take mishaps well. It has a good flavor although to me, there is slightly a black tea flavor here as well. It does not strike me as an all out oolong.

Now I admit, I am an oolong snob and for me, having an oolong is a time for relaxing, meditation, and sitting with my tea contemplating. I prefer to have oolong when using my gaiwan and usually I spend more on oolong than any other tea for that reason. However this is a really solid oolong for sharing with company that drops by, making cold brew, or when you just don’t have the time or want to sit and pay close attention to your steeping session.

When I took my first sip what came to mind is that of an oolong I have had a Asian restaurants before. Good but nothing that was mind blowing.

In all fairness though, 4 ounces of this tea from Utopia Tea is only 10.00 so I really do not think that Utopia is trying to claim this is the best oolong on earth. I feel the price is by far fair for what you get here!

What this tea does offer is just what the description says, slight hints at vanilla with slight citrus notes, and a nice background of some spice and nuttiness. I added the note on nuttiness. There is the typical roasted flavor of oolong but it would fall on the lighter side of roasts.

A good tea for the price, excellent for serving cold or to guests who are not tea perfectionists. Great to serve with meals or drink by the tons while working.

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