English Breakfast from Butiki Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Butiki Teas

Tea Description:

The English Breakfast blend is robust and malty. This black tea is a blend of Ceylon, Assam, Java, and Darjeeling teas and is best served with milk or lemon.

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Taster’s Review:

Ordinarily when I’m ordering from Butiki Teas, I gravitate toward the more unusual blends or the flavored teas because Butiki Teas is really quite skillful when it comes to creating something not only unique but delicious.  The Tamarind Pop is an excellent example of this.  Truly a unique and delicious tea.

So, I find that I tend to overlook what might be somewhat common or “everyday” blends from Butiki – like this English Breakfast – and to be honest, until someone mentioned that they’d like to try the English Breakfast from Butiki Teas in our recent giveaway sponsored by the company, I didn’t even realize that they had one!  I’m just so used to them being the place for more out-of-the-ordinary type of blends … I didn’t expect to see an English Breakfast in the collection of teas from Butiki!

But, I was not only surprised to find an English Breakfast, but now that I am trying it, I am surprised that I thought that this would be a common English Breakfast – it’s nothing of the sort!

This tea has some serious HEFT to it – it is robust and invigorating.  It has a thickness to it, some real tooth!   It is what I sometimes refer to as “chewy” … which to me means that it has a flavor and a texture that sort of reminds me of a crusty, chewy, freshly baked french bread.  It’s so satisfying!

This is a blend of Ceylon, Assam, Java, and Darjeeling teas, and while they do meld together quite amazingly to create a very seamless kind of flavor, I do notice certain aspects from the individual teas as well.  From the Assam, I notice a rich, malty character.  From the Darjeeling, I notice that sort of crispness that helps to clean the palate in between sips so that it does not become overwhelmed by what would otherwise be a very heavy tea.  The Darjeeling keeps it sort of “light” … but don’t mistake that comment to think that this is – in any way – a weak or wimpy tea.  It IS NOT!  But, the hint of lightness from the Darjeeling helps to keep this tea from being too heavy, and I like that, because I don’t like that weighed down feeling from a tea.

From the Ceylon I notice an evenness of tone and I notice a rich warmness and robustness from the Java.  Together… these four teas combine to create a very unique Breakfast Blend that stands out from the crowd.  This is no ordinary English Breakfast!

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