Fragrant Pearl Jasmine Green Tea from Life in Teacup

jasminepearl1Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Life in Teacup

Tea Description:

Production Year – 2010
Production Season – Spring
Production Region – Sichuan Province
Style – Chao Qing (stir-fry to kill enzyme), scented with jasmine flowers

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

There is something about jasmine pearls that make me so happy … I love to watch them brew, I love their aroma, I love the delicious tea they brew.  It is a very happy tea for me.  And this Fragrant Pearl Jasmine Green Tea from Life in Teacup is an example of jasmine pearls at their finest!

What the pearls look like when they open up …

The dry pearls are very aromatic, smelling of the exotic flower.  It took a few infusions to get these tightly wound pearls to open fully, but, that’s a big part of the joy for me … more infusions mean more tea!  I brewed the pearls in my gaiwan, and infused the leaves six times and combined all six infusions in my jasmine Yixing mug.  (Yep, I have a mug just for jasmine tea!)

The result is a very flavorful cup of tea that tastes strongly of jasmine.  But what I like about this is that the floral notes do not taste fake … this is a jasmine tea that was flavored with the scenting process.  Lovely!

This cup has a wonderful balance of green tea and jasmine … sweet, alluring jasmine with hints of buttery vegetation.  So delightful!  But then, I’ve come to expect that from Life in Teacup.  They offer some of the very best teas I’ve ever had.

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