Coconut Cacao from The Persimmon Tree

Coconut Cacao from The Persimmon Tree
Coconut Cacao from The Persimmon Tree

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Organic Pu erh

Where to Buy: The Persimmon Tree

Tea Description:

The Coconut Puerh Tea is a unique blend of organic pu-erh loose-leaf tea, cocoa nibs and coconut provides a smooth, full, slightly sweet flavor with a mild hazelnut finish.

This loose-leaf puerh tea with coconut flavor can be steeped multiple times.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Coconut Cacao from The Persimmon Tree is a lovely way to experience your daily pu erh intake! I love pu erh for its health benefits but I also simply love the deep flavors of pu erh itself. Some however do not care for pu erh let alone unadulterated pu erh so they may tend toward something like this to get their health benefits.

There is absolutely none of that “fishiness” that many people experience in pu erh. Now as for me, I don’t feel a quality pu erh should taste fishy and an initial rinse usually takes care of any of that unsavory flavor, however Coconut Cacao from The Persimmon Tree is simply a deep base tea with a lovely coconut and chocolate decedent flavor!

I will say that I am not too fond of the initial aroma of this tea in its dry form or its steeped form. I personally find the aroma a bit off putting. As for the taste however, its lovely!

The chocolate notes are strong but do not mask the base flavor nor the coconut flavor, and the chocolate notes are very tasty, not a cheap artificial chocolate at all. I also find that all too often coconut notes seem too oily, or cloying, but again, not in this tea. This coconut taste very fresh and ripe to me.

The combination of chocolate and coconut into a pu erh base is genius! One reviewer on The Persimmon Tree website, and fellow Steepster, calls it their tea latte without milk! I have to agree, it is quite creamy, full, earthy without being too earthy, and just sinfully delicious. I don’t even find it too sweet either which shows what a masterful blend it is!

Another thing I respect about The Persimmon Tree is their committment to our environment. On their “About” page located here  you will find the following:

We, at The Persimmon Tree®, contribute to the sustainability of our planet. Where possible, we use recycled and recyclable materials in our shipping supplies and printed materials. Using recycled products increases the demand for recycled material, which increases the rate of recyclability. Our passion is to instigate and experience positive change through the simple things, and we encourage our customers to do the same.

Now personally, this is not my personal all time favorite pu erh as I lean more toward that really earthy, mushroomy, mineral, pu erh flavor found in unadulterated pu erh’s but to be fair, this is a really delicious alternative!

Drink pu erh for enjoyment, or for its health benefits! I tell you in my experience, nothing soothes a hurting tummy like a good pu erh  tea!

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