Huangshan Furry Peak from Peony Tea S.

Huangshan Furry Peak from Peony Tea S
Huangshan Furry Peak from Peony Tea S

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Green

Where to Buy: Peony Tea S.

Tea Description:

Hanyu Pinyin: huang shan mao feng
Production area: Huangshan, Anhui
Harvest time: Spring 2012


Perpetually shrouded in cloud and mist, the beautiful Huangshan which is translated literally as ‘Yellow Mountain’ is the origin of one of the most beloved and well-known green tea in China- the Huangshan Furry Peak. Just like its place of origin, this delightful green tea is truly a work of art, simultaneously soothing and exciting the drinker. Green teas are considered in Traditional Chinese Medicine terminology as ‘cooling’ so instead of reaching for your soda, try this sugarless all natural alternative instead. The recurring sweetness will fill your throat long after your last drop.


Thirst quenching and cooling, feel the recurring sweetness well up and linger in your throat.


Yellowish green liquor.


Like a classic beauty, there is an elegance about Huangshan Furry Peak that is almost ethereal. She carries about her an air that exudes class at every turn, beguiling all that crosses her path.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Huangshan Furry Peak from Peony Tea S. was given to me by one of my SororiTea Sisters LiberTeas to try. You can see her review of this tea here.

I have decided I need to really get caught up on the samples that I have had around awhile, while they are still fresh. So Huangshan Furry Peak, its your turn!

As I lifted the cup I picked up a lovely buttery aroma, almost like butterscotch candy due to the sweet aroma being also quite strong. Such an inviting sensation!

This is not an overly vegetal green, which is a nice departure into a more dessert like flavor.

There is a wonderful silkiness to the mouthfeel which is brothy and thick.

The color of the steeped leaf is the palest hue of gold.

This tea reminds me of being young, in the summer time. Out in the yard on a weekend playing or just being lazy, sticky fingers from that lollipop from the local candy shop. Sweetness on the breath and smiling because you know you had something really good and not one bit worried about the calories or what it does to your health! The upside of course is this tea is actually good for you but evokes that same feeling, as if you have done something naughty or have something everyone else would want.

You should want this tea too. That is if you love sweet butteriness in a green that feels like silk in your mouth and leaves you refreshed and satisfied!

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