Rainforest Nectar from Della Terra Teas

Rainforest Nectar from Della Terra Teas
Rainforest Nectar from Della Terra Teas

Tea Information:

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Where to Buy:  Della Terra Teas

Tea Description:

Take a trip to the Rainforests of the world.  Visit the flavors of delicious papaya, passion fruit and mango from the Amazon.  The amazing flavors of a kiwi from New Zealand and a pineapple from Hawaii.  So many amazing fruit flavors combined with incredible black and green teas.  This one is sure to please!

Ingredients: Black tea, green tea, mango and passionfruit flavor, papaya bits, pineapple and kiwi bits, safflower

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Taster’s Review:

The moment I opened my sample bag of Rainforest Nectar from Della Terra Teas I knew two things. First I knew that I was going to be ordering more soon. Second I knew I had to have it iced. This tea is scrumptious hot, but iced, it is just nothing short of dreamy!

This tea brings back memories, memories before I was a loose leaf tea lover, and once in a great while would find a tea that was so yummy that I had to buy some. This tea specifically reminds me of a tea that I once bought from a local small business coffee house, but as soon as I realized just how much I loved it, they were out, and never re-stocked. That was always one thing that kept me from discovering my love of tea, locally where I live, there are no “tea shops” but that was before I discovered the joys of online ordering.

As I sit here writing this review this tea sits, iced, in a tall glass, yet I still can smell the wonderful aroma that I am used to only smelling when a hot tea sits cooling beside me. This tea is strongly scented and flavored of everything tropical.

The papaya, and pineapple are the most distinguishable flavors when trying to pick out one note at a time, then passion fruit, mango, and kiwi following, in that order. Yet when all of these flavors meld, as they do so well in this tea, there is a resounding peach flavor that develops.

I love that this is a black and green tea blend. I can taste both base flavors and they are the most perfect and harmonious backdrop for these sweet fruits.

The tea does not need even a sprinkling of sugar as it is perfectly sweet all on its own.

As I sit here watching the sunset on this rather pretty, and warm, winters evening, I can’t help but long for summer to hurry and get here only because I know this is the tea I will be sipping all summer long!

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