Spiced Rooibos Blend from Spire Tea


Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Tisane Description:

A warm holiday spice blend of rooibos, coconut, nuts and warm spices. This dessert in a cup is one of our favourites.

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Taster’s Review:

I don’t usually get excited to try a rooibos blend, but, I’ve got to tell you that when I opened the pouch of this Spiced Rooibos Blend from Spire Tea (also known as Mowbray Ridge Rooibos Blend), I got a little excited about it.  It smells so good – so deliciously warm and nutty, spicy with just a hint of coconut goodness in there too.  My mouth started watering when I smelled the dry leaf!  That’s how good it smells!

The brewed tisane smells really delicious too.  It smells like warm spices and toasted nuts … it smells like the holidays!

My first sip, my initial reaction is:  this tastes like something called a Sin Dawg.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a bread company called Dave’s Killer Bread Company.  Imagine the love child of a cinnamon roll and a delicious, whole grain bread that is loaded with seeds and nuts.  That’s a Sin Dawg.  They are so good that there simply are not words adequate enough to explain how unbelievably delicious they are.  It takes a great deal of willpower not to buy one every time I’m at the grocery store!

And that’s what I tasted with my first sip of this tea.  I tasted the sweet, nutty flavor, the cinnamon, and … the coconut … isn’t really screaming out “coconut” … it’s more like a sweet, creamy flavor that goes together so well with the rest of the Sin Dawg … err… tisane.  At least, the coconut wasn’t screaming out coconut in those first two or three sips.  Now that I’m about one third of the way through the cup, I’m noticing more coconut flavor.  It’s still not a strong, dominate flavor of the cup, but, it’s more distinguished than it was at the start.

The rooibos is also distinguishable here, usually that’s something I consider a bad thing as I usually prefer the flavors to overwhelm the rooibos taste … but the nutty, sweet flavor of the rooibos really works well with these flavors.  It just ties in really well.

This is just a really well conceived cup of rooibos!  I really like this one a lot!

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