Nina’s Japon from Nina’s Paris

Nina's Japon from Nina's Paris
Nina’s Japon from Nina’s Paris

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black, Green

Where to Buy: Nina’s Paris

Tea Description:


Black tea, sencha, genmaicha, caramel, vanilla

A marvelous blend of black tea and roasted green tea from Japan. An irresistible dreamy concoction made with crispy rice, vanilla and caramel.

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Taster’s Review:

When I opened by sample bag of Nina’s Japon from Nina’s Paris the first aroma that struck me was the genmaicha. That fresh popcorn smell was captivating as it always is for me when I smell Genmaicha. This was different though. A sweet caramel aroma wafted up into my nasal cavities seducing me! I could only hope the flavor was as wonderful as the scent!

It was!

Creamy, and sweetly caramel flavored tea with a wonderful base of black tea for a robust kick, yet the sencha still shining through, with the genmaicha playing nice in a supporting role. I had thought maybe the genmaicha would overtake the cup since it was the predominant smell.

The after taste is that of caramel popcorn and really so very good. I can’t believe I have taken so long to review this tea. I have had it waiting on me to try for over a month or two. This is a definite reorder once I let myself off tea buying hiatus.

Somehow this blend is creating a chocolate flavor in my mouth even though there is no chocolate in the blend. It is delightful, surprising, and trust me I need a surprise in tea now and then. It is wonderful to try so many teas, write about them, but this is a tea that renews my faith that there are new things out there to discover!

Now I admit, I failed to look up brewing instructions before making this tea. I steeped it in 195 degree water for 3 minutes. I did not realize before steeping that it had green teas in the blend. Yet, not one bit of bitterness, nor astringency in this cup. Amazing, it is idiot proof!

The vanilla has a lovely presence in this tea and I keep getting seduced and charmed by it as I sip I just keep thinking about letting myself our of the corner and buying this tea! I think I could have let it steep a little longer without getting any bitterness as well and perhaps even more depth to flavor but it is not necessary as this cup is just astounding.

I will admit, when I try new teas, from new (to me) companies I am always apprehensive. Nina’s Paris has not let me down! The cup has a mouth watering aroma, the flavor is perfection, I can taste the sencha, the black tea, and the genmaicha, all of them melding in beautiful harmony together! Caramel and vanilla always play nicely together, and nothing about this cup tastes artificial.

I am really very impressed here! A big thanks to Nina’s for this sample. Request your samples too! Nina’s Paris has been more than accommodating to new customers who would like to sample their teas. You can request three samples at a time and trust me, you will want to order once you try them!

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