Banana Pudding Flavored Black Tea from 52Teas


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tea Description:

You want to hear about pudding. Did you know that pudding was created using techniques for making Haggis and blood sausage? Eww. That’s not very appetizing…

Changing gears… Bananas are very yummy, what’s more, they are yellow and shaped funny.

Our Banana pudding flavored tea also has coconut, which some people dislike in pudding because pudding is supposed to be smooth and creamy and who wants shavings of coconut in there? But hey, it’s better in the tea. And I’m feeling a little loopy tonight and rushing to get this posted since it’s already late, but I think you’re all really going to enjoy this blend–mentions of Haggis and coconut aside.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I like bananas alright.  I’m not a huge fan of bananas … but I don’t hate them.  I usually have some bananas on hand, because I like to add them to my smoothies when I make them (at least a couple times a week), and my husband likes them.  But I seldom just sit down and eat a banana.

But I do like banana flavored teas … especially if the banana flavored tea comes from 52Teas … because Frank (chief Zoomdweebie at 52Teas) seems to do banana flavored teas well.  So, when he announced this Banana Pudding flavored black tea for the week of April 22, I was excited to try it.  So excited that I’m actually going a bit out of order here (I do like to taste his teas in the order in which they are released!) There are like three other teas that I’m supposed to try before I try this Banana Pudding tea … but like I said, I was excited!

And I’m not disappointed!  This is yummy!  The banana flavor is strong, and I can taste the creaminess – with just a hint of vanilla-like flavor to it too!  I can also taste the subtle note of butter to this … and this note seems to emerge as the tea cools slightly, so it’s worth the time to allow it to cool about three or four minutes before you take that first sip.

I can also taste the coconut … this is a very subtle taste, but when I offered my daughter a sip of the tea (she loves banana!) she noticed the coconut over the banana flavor.  So some palates might pick up on the coconut notes more than the banana notes.  My palate did not … for my palate, I get a good, strong banana note, a sweet creaminess that is pudding-like, at least in flavor … not in texture … which would be a little weird, don’t you think?  I mean, think about it.  A pudding textured tea.  Weird.  Maybe even a little gross. Fortunately, this is NOT gross or weird.  OK, maybe it is a little weird to have a banana pudding flavored tea.  But it tastes wonderful!

OK, so, less rambling and more tea talk.

The black tea is not overwhelmed amid all these strong flavors.  I can taste it … although I can’t say that it is the strongest note of the cup, which is typically something I want from a flavored tea but this tastes so good that I can’t complain.  I am really enjoying the way the flavor plays out here.  I love the strong banana notes, the hint of coconut (and even how the creaminess of the coconut seems to enhance the soft, silky vanilla notes), and even the touch of buttery taste.

This is delicious hot (remember, let it cool for about four minutes and you’ll be rewarded with some buttery notes), and also tasty iced.  I think I prefer it hot, served with a couple of Nilla Wafers … which helps bring out the cookie part of the pudding just a little bit.

Yum!  Another tasty dessert tea from 52Teas.

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