Lord Petersham Black Tea Blend from The Devotea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Amoda Tea

Tea Description:

This is our Mother’s Day Tea. One of the Amoda moms has been asking for a black tea “that’s not boring”. So we found one for her.

There’s 7 different black teas layered in here! Medium-body, medium-strength, full taste. There’s citrus, malt and honey and that amazing smoky character that likes to linger.

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Taster’s Review:

I have wanted to try this Lord Petersham Black Tea Blend from The Devotea for a long time now – and the monthly tea tasting box from Amoda Tea made that possible for me today!  Thank you, Amoda Tea!

The Devotea maintains an active presence on Tea Trade, and that’s our home here on SororiTea Sisters too, so I’ve been hearing a lot about this tea blend.  I tried to win it back when the Devotea was hosting regular giveaways on Tea Trade, but, I never won anything.  Bummer!  I have been meaning to order from them for a while, but, every time I have funds available in my “Can Buy Tea” budget, somehow, I forget to order this!

Now I HAVE to order more of this, because this blend is FREAKING awesome!  Seriously … it’s extraordinarily good.  I know I’ve said that this tea or that tea is good, and I’ve meant it.  But, if you have room for only one black tea in your tea cupboard – this is a tea you should definitely consider as your one and only.   I’ve encountered a few “one and only” black tea blends … this tea blend is absolutely a contender for that distinction as well.

I think that Amoda Tea describes this tea well when they say that it’s medium-body, medium-strength with full-flavor.  It is all those things.  It doesn’t taste or feel too heavy or overwhelming.  It isn’t one of those “kick you in the backside” kind of teas that you would turn to on those mornings when you are too drowsy to focus.  Instead, it’s one of those teas that you drink because you LOVE tea and you want the optimal tea experience.  As I sit here and drink this, I am so astonished at how beautifully round it is.  It is completely satisfying in it’s flavor.

I steeped this for 2 1/2 minutes in my Breville One-Touch, and this worked out perfectly.  It is not overly tannic, it isn’t bitter, it is just … divinely delicious.  A wonderfully balanced cuppa that tastes rich with its notes of sweet honey-like tones, malty goodness, and hints of earthy notes.  There is a citrus-like finish to it.  The smoky tones that Amoda Tea mentions in their description … there is just the right amount of smoke to this blend.  It doesn’t taste aggressively smoky.

This is so close to perfection – this blend – that I can’t think of a black tea blend that I like better than this one at the moment.  There might be one … but, this tastes so good that it is clouding any other opinion that I might have!

6 thoughts on “Lord Petersham Black Tea Blend from The Devotea

  1. My Mom calls this the “Good Tea” and it is her favorite. She has noticed the difference from anything else I serve and I am held to question if Lord Petersham is not in her cup.

  2. We’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction to our teas in the US. Much credit must go to our local contract blender.
    And we’re deliriously happy to be reviewed by Americas most prolific tea reviewers.
    And by being chosen by Amoda.
    And mostly, how the US has taken Lord Petersham to their heart. It’s our #1 in the US by a long way.

  3. This is an incredibly exciting review of @thedevotea‘s tea. Your enthusiasm for this really shines through. I can only agree and we are so proud to have you and Robert on our blog roll. Actually looking at who’s commented so far that goes for our bloggers @jopj and @iheartteas too.

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