Oolong # 17 Jade Pearls First Flush from Tea Mania


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Tea Mania

Tea Description:

Oolong # 17 Jade Pearls First Flush is picked by hand and rolled. It’s well known for its distinctive flavor and fragrance notes: a little bit orchid and a hint of lily of the valley. Oolong # 17 Jade Pearls First Flush is only picked in the winter. The slow growth in the winter helps to develop the complex flavors.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Oh … NICE!  This is a truly LOVELY Oolong from Tea Mania!  The second tea that I’ve tried from this company, This Oolong #17 Jade Pearls First Flush is solidifying my opinion of this company which is – quite simply:  they offer great teas!

This Oolong has a lovely floral quality to it – it is both flowery in aroma and in taste.  I taste notes of orchid and hints of honey that evoke thoughts of honeysuckle.  It’s a very gentle tasting tea … and while some floral tasting Oolong teas can come across as sharp, that’s not the case with this tea.  It has a very subtle, soft approach, and it’s smooth from start to finish.  Very little astringency.

The texture is also smooth and soft, and it has a delicate broth-y character to it – think of a comforting bowl of chicken broth when you’re feeling under the weather … that’s the kind of texture I get from this tea:  soft, warm, comforting.JadePearlsFirstFlushCupped

And because this is a top-quality Oolong, I was able to get a whole lot of infusions out of one measurement of leaves … this is the kind of tea that you want to spend all afternoon with, just allowing the teas to slowly unfurl as you enjoy the soothing liquid they produce.  I found that the flavors became stronger with the third and fourth infusions, and then by infusions number five and six, I noticed that the flavors seemed to become more unified and seamless.  Every new cup of tea became a new adventure … each cup lovely and delicious … but presenting itself in a new way for my palate to explore it’s complexity.

Really, this is a top-notch tea.  If you like floral Oolong teas … this one should be at the top of your MUST TRY list!

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