King Cake Cuppa Black Tea from Cuppa Crew Tea Company


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Cuppa Crew Tea Company

Tea Description:

To celebrate Mardi Gras this year, we’ve developed a blend reminiscent of a gorgeous King Cake. Hints of vanilla cream and cinnamon make for a truly delectable cup that’ll take you away to beautiful N’awlins.

Learn more about this blend here.

Taster’s Review:

Tasty!  I don’t know that I’m necessarily tasting “cake” from this King Cake Cuppa Black Tea from Cuppa Crew Tea Company, but, it’s still darned tasty!

The cinnamon note is what comes through strongest here, although, I wouldn’t say that it’s a STRONG cinnamon-y tea.  The cinnamon is a well-defined flavor without tasting of cinnamon candy (no red-hots here).  This is more like the cinnamon taste you might get if you were to bite into a snicker-doodle cookie.  Warm, sweet, true cinnamon taste.  (Or, if you really want to get technical about it – true cassia taste.)

The vanilla offers a smooth creamy taste that compliments the cinnamon very well.  The two together work very harmoniously … the vanilla softens the cinnamon, and the cinnamon keeps the vanilla cream from tasting too sweet or cloying.

The black tea base is not particularly strong here, but it does offer a pleasantly brisk background of flavor for the notes of cinnamon and vanilla cream.  I think that if the black tea were perhaps a blend with Assam and possibly a Fujian black tea … this might taste a lot more like cake … or at the very least, like the aforementioned snicker-doodle cookie!

Regardless, this is a very tasty blend … one that I wouldn’t mind drinking again.

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