Mango Madness White Tea Blend from David’s Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  David’s Tea

Tea Description:

One sip of this tea and you’ll do anything to get your hands on more. In fact, we’re a bit worried about letting people get a taste. There might be riots. Looting. Traffic jams. It’s a lot of responsibility! But who can blame you for going crazy over this delicious white tea? It’s fruity. It’s refreshing. It tastes just like a ripe piece of mango. In short, it’s total madness.

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Taster’s Review:

I have to tell you, that when I was looking at the dry leaf of this Mango Madness White Tea Blend from David’s Tea, I thought I was looking at a fruit tisane – not a white tea blend!  There are lots of big chunks of fruit, including orange peel, chunks of apple and of course mango, pieces of pineapple and strawberry … and not a whole lot of what looked to me like white tea leaves.  There were some in there, but, from the visual standpoint, this is more fruit than it is tea leaves.

And that extends to the taste too – this tastes more like a tropical fruit medley than it does a white tea.  I taste the mango with notes of orange and pineapple.  It is sweet and juicy.  The apple adds more sweetness than it does a distinct apple flavor (which is common in fruity blends like this).

The white tea IS discernible, but to really get a good taste of it, you need to slurp the cup.  I can taste the light earthy note of the white tea.  But this doesn’t really TASTE a lot like a white tea.  It tastes more like a fruit tisane with some white tea leaves in it.  And unfortunately, the mango isn’t as sweet and lush as I had hoped from a tea calling itself Mango Madness.

This is tasty enough – it’s especially nice iced! – but I have had better from David’s Tea.

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