Organic Bai Mudan White Tea from Samovar Tea Lounge


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Samovar Tea Lounge

Tea Description:

Hand-picked, sun dried for three days, baked, then cured. Woody hints of roasted hazelnuts, and sweet corn. Lingering notes of hot cocoa. A golden infusion to soothe monkey mind. Explore the darkest of the white teas.

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Taster’s Review:

I really enjoy white tea in the summer evenings.  White tea seems to have a natural cooling effect, and even when I drink it hot, it seems to make me feel a little more comfortable on these hot summer nights.  And this Organic Bai Mudan White Tea from Samovar Tea Lounge is really lovely.

It’s very interesting to me that I’ve tried many different Bai Mu Dan teas from many different tea companies, but, even as many as I’ve tasted, I still notice different flavors.  The tea may be the same “type” of white tea, but, the flavors that the tea leaves produce from one company to another are different.  This particular Bai Mudan has a lovely chocolate-y finish that I don’t think I’ve tasted in other Bai Mu Dan teas.

There is a richness to this tea – even though it is a delicate white tea – a pleasing earthiness that has a slight toasty taste to it.  It is as though I can taste the sun in this tea … I can taste a sun roasted flavor like warm hay that has been lightly baked in the summer sun.

The description above suggests woody notes, hazelnuts, and corn … and while I don’t taste a “sweet corn” taste exactly, I do taste a sweet, nutty flavor and I can see how someone might suggest a “sweet corn” flavor from that.  It’s sweet, but not in a fruity or a floral tone … more like a sweet nutty tone with notes of vegetation.

A very enjoyable cuppa.

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