Premium Taiwan Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea from Nuvola Tea

NuvolaTea Type:
Oolong Tea

Where To Buy:
Nuvola Tea

Product Description:

Oriental Beauty Tea is a full-flavoured tea with an extraordinarily rich fruity aroma, and a floral and honey sweet finish. It is an awesome tea to relieve anxiety and boosts your energy level. A few drops of Brandy could add a champagne-like note to create a bright alternative out of this great tea.

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Tasters Review:

Oh!!!  This Premium Taiwan Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea smells like honey and sweet-wood!   The color of this post-infusion is that of a pale brownish color – actually it reminds me of a wine I like from Nobel Winery in Westfield, NY.  In color only, of course…not that it tastes like wine!

This is very smooth, pretty to look at, smell, and taste! This is delicious! It has notes of honey and maybe even brown sugar but naturally speaking – not that it has actual ingredients in there!

This is very impressive!

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