Pommes Hi Antiox Green Tea from Green Tea Lovers

PommoTea Type:
Green Tea

Where To Buy:
Green Tea Lovers

Product Description:

Contains ultra-high antioxidant level of 13.05% vs 5-6% for mass-market teas.

Character:Exceptional Japanese Sencha enhanced with notes of orchard fresh Granny Smith apple. Sweet, smooth finish. What do you get when you blend apples with a Hi-Antiox Kenyan Green Dryer Mouth tea? In addition to a refreshingly brisk cup of tea, the antioxidant goodness of two of Mother Nature’s greatest creations. Hi-Antiox Pommes Green delivers an antioxidant boost combined with delicate notes of grass, freshly cut apples and sweet astringent layers – a superb, any-time-of-day sipper! The teas used to create this blend: Kosabei: this estate produces some of Kenya’s finest teas. Certified by the Ethical Tea Partnership and Fair Trade.

Country of Origin: Kenya, Japan
Region: Kericho, Shizuoka
Grade: Sencha
Altitude: 2500, 1000 feet above sea level
Manuf. Type: Orthodox
Infusion: Rich green, mixed ‘natural tea’
Ingredients: Luxury green tea, Natural dried apple, Natural flavors.

Tasters Review:

Pommes Hi Antiox Green Tea from Green Tea Lovers – where to begin?  This is slightly sweet but also fairly green tasting.  The Granny Smith Apple provides a sweet and smoothness that is really nice.  It has a somewhat drier end sip.  It’s true to it’s description and is fairly refreshing considering the semi-dry mouth-feel it has.

I agree this tea has multiple layers that are quite complex.  I think that is what I like best about this offering!  That AND that it’s certified by the Ethical Tea Partnership AND Fair Trade!  That’s ALWAYS a PLUS.


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