Kenyan Black Tea from Justea

KenyanBlackTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Justea

Tea Description:

Our whole leaf Kenyan black tea is malty, fresh, clean and full bodied.

Learn more about this tea here.

Learn more about Justea’s fundraising effort to support Kenyan farmers here.

Taster’s Review:

This Kenyan Black Tea from Justea is AMAZINGLY good.  It’s so rich and malty and robust!  It’s a strong, full-flavored cuppa deliciousness!  And I’ve got to tell you that I really appreciate Justea’s approach to help the Kenyan farmers to develop their farms to be financially stable.  Want to read more about that?  Here’s an article that was published in a local newspaper about the launching of Justea’s fundraising campaign to help the Kenyan Farmers!

This tea brews to a beautiful coppery color and has a sweet, earthy aroma.  The flavor is sweet and molasses-y, with a strong malty note and caramel tones.  It is pleasantly sweet and warm with notes of spice and hints of earth.  There is a distinct “bake-y” kind of note, like a freshly baked loaf of dark bread (think a sweet squaw bread!)  I also taste notes that remind me of dates and dark raisins.

And while it does have a sweet taste to it, I like that it is also bold and rich.  It has that gusto that I look for in a morning black tea – this would be an excellent tea to choose for your morning cup of motivation!  I’m drinking it served straight up with no additions, but, it would also taste great with milk and honey if you like to add those to your morning cuppa!  It would make a great latte!

A truly delightful cup of tea – this is a tea I’d be happy to start my day with every day!

Would you like to try some of this tea?  I’ve got three samples to send out to three individuals … if you’re interested, please comment on this post.  Please include contact information so that I can contact you and get your shipping information.  In addition, please tweet about Justea’s fundraising effort to support Kenyan farmers.  Your tweet should include this link, and also please include #sororiteasister on your tweet so that I can easily find the tweet!  I’ll select three winners of the samples on Monday, September 23, and contact those winners and ship out the samples to you!  

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