Organic Nonpareil Ming Qian Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea from Teavivre


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Teavivre

Tea Description:

The fresh Organic Nonpareil Ming Qian Dragon Well Long Jing Tea provided by Teavivre is picked before Tomb-Sweeping Day, an important solar term in Chinese agriculture. Ming Qian (Pre-ming) tea is seldom damaged by insects. Its buds and leaves are delicate and tender. With a mellow taste, it is emerald green in color and quite beautiful in appearance. Since the weather is relatively cold before Tomb-Sweeping Day, the number of fresh buds is limited and they grow slow. Therefore, a few leaves can meet the picking standard. Compared with those picked after Tomb-Sweeping Day, Ming Qian (Pre-ming) tea is of top grade.

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Taster’s Review:

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating:  Teavivre is one of my favorite tea companies.  The reason is quite simple.  They offer some of the very best teas available, and it is obvious to me that this is a company that cares about the teas that they sell.  This is evident in their careful packaging that protects the tea quality and integrity of the tea.  This is evident in their responsive customer service.  More than that … this is evident in the FLAVOR of the tea itself.

As this Organic Nonpareil Ming Qian Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea from Teavivre brewed, I could smell the strong, fresh vegetative aroma.  The scent filled the kitchen, smelling of steamed vegetables … it smelled delicious!

The flavor matches the fragrance with its strong, vegetative overtone.  It is pleasantly sweet but with a nice contrasting savory tone that is almost like salt.  I taste nutty notes, reminiscent of a freshly roasted chestnut:  creamy and sweet, with hints of butter.

The texture is smooth and silky, and there is very little astringency to this.  It is not bitter (although I wouldn’t recommend steeping it in water too hot or for too long a time.  I recommend a temperature of 175ºF and a brew time of 1 – 1 1/2 minutes for the first infusion, and increasing the brew time by 30 seconds for each subsequent infusion.)

I like that this tea holds up well through multiple infusions too.  This is definitely a tea that you want to spend some time with … take your time and savor it!  It will submit several very flavorful infusions that will make it well worth your efforts!

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