Top Earl Black Tea from J-Tea

jteaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  J-Tea

Tea Description:

The Top Earl is the fusion of two distinct elements.  A high grade, tippy Assam black tea is scented with an ultra pure oil of bergamot to create our favorite earl grey tea.

Learn more about this tea here.

You can also try some of J-Tea’s teas at Medley Tea House Café

Taster’s Review:

The other day, I went to afternoon tea with my oldest daughter.  I had heard about a place called Medley Tea House Café, and she and I were both anxious to try a new place for afternoon tea.  Well, lunch was lovely, the food was delicious!  But the most memorable thing for me – aside from my wonderful tea-time companion! – was the Earl Grey tea that I drank!  I liked the “Top Earl” so much that I bought an ounce to take home with me.

After looking at the Tea Menu at Medley I learned that their Top Earl Black Tea came from a local company called J-Tea.  This is an outstanding Earl Grey.  If you’ve read very many of my reviews, you’re probably well aware of my love affair with the Earl.  I’m always on the lookout for a stunning Earl Grey and this one is definitely STUNNING!

The black tea base is an Assam tea, and I love the difference a rich, malty Assam makes here.  The background notes are full flavored and satisfying.  Smooth with a sweet, caramel-y undertone, this is an Earl Grey that not only tastes great for an afternoon tea, but, it is robust and bold enough to serve as your first cup of the day too.  It is somewhat astringent but not bitter (but don’t oversteep it!)

The bergamot is strongly flavored and is a good match for the strength of the Assam.  The Assam tea is strong but the bergamot is on at an even pace with the Assam.  Two strong flavors … but they don’t attempt to compete with each other, instead they just work beautifully together.  The bergamot tastes tangy and bright and citrus-y.  Just like bergamot should.  It doesn’t taste like a man’s cologne.

A really outstanding Earl Grey tea, this Top Earl … this one definitely is in my top five … although I’m not sure yet which one it would displace!  If you love Earl Grey like I do – you must try this one!

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