Zhong Shu Hu Oolong Tea from Tea From Taiwan

zhang_shu_huTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Tea From Taiwan

Tea Description:

Zhong Shu Hu oolong tea comes from the Zhong Shu Hu area of Ali Mountain (Alishan) – one of the most famous tea producing regions of Taiwan. The climate here is cool and moist with cloud cover and mists every day. These conditions are ideal for tea because the plants grow very slowly and produce tender, flavorful tea leaves and buds.

Zhong Shu Hu oolong tea has a sweet taste and refined aroma. Each brewing brings out new flavours and taste sensations. This tea has a complexity that provides continuous nuances with every cup.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Ah!  Ali Shan!  Yay!  There are few teas out there that make me happier than an Ali Shan Oolong.  And this Zhong Shu Hu Oolong Tea from Tea From Taiwan is an OUTSTANDING Ali Shan tea!

It is so sweet and light!  The light texture is what I’m noticing in particular here … this tea does not feel heavy or weighty on the tongue.  It seems to float over the tongue, delivering it’s delicate taste and delicious sweetness.

Up front, I notice notes of flower that are reminiscent of orchid.  There is a honeyed sweetness to the cup that accentuates the orchid notes nicely.  I notice hints of Asian pear (apple pear) in the distance … sweet and crisp!  And then there is the buttery note that is absolutely irresistible.

But what I like about that buttery note here is that it doesn’t weigh the palate down or feel like it’s “coating” my tongue.  It is light!  As if the hint of vegetable taste that is also a part of this tea has been lightly drizzled with melted butter.  Just enough to enhance the flavor of the veggies, but not enough to overwhelm their delicate nuances.

This is one of the best Ali Shan Oolong teas I’ve tasted in a very long time.  I highly recommend it to all those who love Oolong like I do.  And if you’re worried about the price – don’t!  I got ten AMAZING infusions out of one measurement of leaves … so consider the price an investment in good taste that will keep paying you in re-steeped dividends!

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