Keemun Black Tea from Teasenz

keemun_black_teaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Teasenz

Tea Description:

RICH, SMOOTH FLAVOR with SMOKY AROMA: perhaps the most famous black tea of all, the Keemun is synonymous with black tea. The small and neat dried leaves brew beautifully amber red tea liquor with a mellow and smooth flavor.

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Taster’s Review:

I really enjoy a good Keemun.  I love the rich, silky flavor with notes of smoke.  However, the first time I brewed this Keemun Black Tea from Teasenz, I found myself a wee bit disappointed because it was a bit too mild for my taste.  I like the fullness of flavor that I usually experience from a Keemun and I wasn’t getting that with my first cup.

Oh, that first cup was tasty.  It had a wine-like quality with notes of fruit that mingled with the wisps of smoke.  It was pleasant.  But it just … wasn’t what I was expecting from a Keemun tea.

So, I brewed another cup, thinking that perhaps I didn’t use enough leaf in my teapot.  And I believe that must have been the case, because this second pot of tea is fabulous!  It is smooth and full-flavored.  Sweet with notes of caramel and hints of smoke.  Hints of cocoa play on the palate.  THIS is what I want when I want a Keemun tea!

And now that I sit and consider this tea … I realize what an exceptional tea it really is.  This tea is ideal for someone who enjoys a mellower cup of tea – something flavorful and refreshing … and it is also ideal for someone who is looking for a slightly more robust cuppa.  Just use a little less leaf if you want a wine-like, fruit and smoky cup, and a little more leaf if you want that rich impact.  This tea delivers!

2 thoughts on “Keemun Black Tea from Teasenz

  1. Sometimes I have reactions like this…something isn’t quite right, and I realize that I just haven’t figured out how to brew the tea.

    Keemun is definitely one of my favorite types of tea, and as I sample more examples of it, I continue to be surprised at how diverse it can be.

  2. Maybe the most famous black tea of all is the Keemun black tea. Its small leaves brew beautifully amber-red liquor with brisk, fruity & light caramel taste mixed with light orchid taste

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