Hojicha Green Tea from Aiya

hojichaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Aiya

Tea Description:

Known for its unique, strong, roasted flavor, Hojicha is made by roasting lower grade Sencha and Bancha. Although Hojicha is from the green tea family, the roasting process turns its leaves to an autumn brown. Hojicha has a very distinct, mild and nutty flavor. It also contains less caffeine and tannins, resulting in a less astringent flavor.

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Taster’s Review:

I love the toasty, cozy taste of this Hojicha Green Tea from Aiya.  The roasting of the Sencha and Bancha leaves creates such a lovely, nutty flavor that has a hint of caramel undertones.

Aiya has delivered another excellent tea!  This tea is just exactly what I’ve come to expect from a good Hojicha.  The leaves are a beautiful shade of tan that smell warm and toasty, like freshly roasted nuts.  When brewed, the liquid is golden tan and fragrant.

The cup tastes smooth with a light astringency.  There is no bitterness.  The usual “vegetal” notes that you’d experience with Sencha and Bancha teas have become a sweet, warmly roasted flavor that is not grassy or vegetative.  Instead, it reminds me vaguely of almonds that have just come out of the oven after being lightly toasted.  The aftertaste is delicate and sweet.

The flavor is so soothing.  It’s the kind of tea that I like to curl up to on chilly days like this one.  When it’s cold and blustery out there, I like to be inside with my hands wrapped around a warm, porcelain mug of hot Hojicha like this one.

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