Fig & Lavender Black Tea Blend from Tea Grotto

FigLavenderBlackTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tea Grotto

Tea Description:

This flavored black is rich, earthy, fruity, and floral. Great alone, or with milk, it makes a stellar tea-latte. Chinese sourced black tea.

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Taster’s Review:

This Fig & Lavender Black Tea Blend from Tea Grotto smells amazing.  I smell the fig prominently, and I’ve never made it a secret of how much I adore figs.  And the lavender comes through just beneath the fruity fig notes, with notes of earthy black tea filling in the background.  It smells yummy!

And it tastes AMAZING!  I’ve enjoyed several delicious fig teas during my time as a tea reviewer, but, this may just be the best fig tea that I’ve tasted … ever!  I would not have thought it if I wasn’t tasting it for myself, but fig and lavender work together so delightfully well!  I’m surprised at how good these two components taste together.

The black tea is a rich, flavorful Chinese black tea.  It has a full body and a smooth texture.  It’s nicely round, and it supports the flavors of fig and lavender but isn’t overwhelmed by these flavors.  I am getting notes of black tea as well as lavender and fig – everything is represented.

The lavender and fig are well-paired here, and I mean that not just to say that it is a unique and flavorful pairing, but also that they are well balanced.  I taste close to equal parts of both the lavender and fig.  The two notes hit the palate at just about the same time.  The lavender is a delicate note, but, that is not to say it is a weak note.  It is portrayed here as a subtle flavor rather than something that becomes obtrusive and tasting of soap.  It complements the fig notes in a really stunning way.

The fig is flavorful and when the tea is hot, the fig tastes of the warm figs I used to pick off the trees in that orchard as a child.  I would eat them right off the tree, and there are few childhood memories as delicious as those involving warm figs right off the tree!  That is one of the most delicious things I remember tasting as a child.  It is, at the very least, in the top five.  (Chocolate would be up there too!)

This tea is amazing, and I’m so happy that I got to try it.  This is going to go on my repurchase list, because it is one that I will want to have again … and again!

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