Inverness Estate Essence of Bergamot from Eden Grove

EG 12ct Prism CollectionTea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Eden Grove

Product Description:
Black Tea, Lemon Peel, with natural Bergamot Flavor

The PRISM COLLECTION presents the Princess of Teas. This beautiful arrangement contains the same top quality teas that make up the Eden Grove family and is designed to satisfy and impress in ways few other tea products can.

Each pyramid shaped container holds one biodegradable pyramid shaped bag and is comprised of a selection of fine traditional and flavored teas found only in the finest establishments. They can be given as a set or individually and are offered in a 12ct and 24ct see-thru package.

Tasters Review:

Inverness Estate Essence of Bergamot from Eden Grove was one of the teas I received last week and the presentation of the gift pack was really neat!  It was mostly black but had bright colors on the packaging and the ribbon!  There are offered in 12 count and 24 count packs available.

Upon opening the triangle packaging on this specific bagged tea I could smell and see the ingredients well.  I was impressed by the size of the Lemon Peel.  The overall flavor was potent…a nice strong black tea with highlights of Bergamot and Lemon Peel.

I enjoyed a cup of this hot and another cup iced – both were strong and tasty.  This was a very solid bagged tea.  Excellent first choice from the set they sent my way!  The more I reflect on the design of the packaging the more the hot pinks, greens, yellows, and blues remind me of florescent 80’s colors and/or highlighters!  I really like them!

A terrific tea experience!

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