Earl Grey Classic Black Tea from Compass Teas

EarlGrayTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Compass Teas

Tea Description:

A very bold black tea with bergamot flavoring.  Makes a good iced tea.  We suggest sweetening it with Sugar Gems.

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Taster’s Review:

Earl Grey tea just makes me … HAPPY!  Well, OK, so a lot of different teas make me happy, but there is just something about that distinctive bergamot aroma and flavor that brings a smile to my face.  And this Earl Grey Classic Black Tea from Compass Teas is the delightful Earl Grey that is making me happy today!

When I opened the pouch, the strong fragrance of bergamot began drifting through the air.  I just love the smell of bergamot, and when it comes to bergamot, I’m often of the opinion:  the stronger the better.  This is not always the case and of course, the quality of the bergamot is just as important as the quantity.  The bouquet of this tea tells me that the bergamot is strong … and the flavor tells me that it’s of good quality.

The bergamot tastes tangy and a little bit sweet.  The flavor is uplifting.  It is a strong bergamot flavor, but, it hasn’t been overdone:  this doesn’t taste of soap or perfume.  It tastes like bergamot should taste.

The black tea base is a rich tasting, medium-to-full bodied black tea.   The description above suggests that it’s a bold black tea.  I don’t know that I’d describe it as bold.  Brisk might be a better word to use.

It is an invigorating tea, though, and it has a pleasing strength to it.  It might not be the tea that I’d reach for first thing in the morning, because I’m not finding that “gusto” that I’d want from a first cuppa, but, this is absolutely a tea I’d reach for either mid-morning or early afternoon for that little pick-me-up when I need one.

A really good cup of Earl Grey … this is one of those Earl Grey teas that I’d reach for again and again.

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