Ivy Hills Estate Black Tea Essence of Lemongrass from Eden Grove

EG 12ct Prism CollectionTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

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Black Tea with natural Lemongrass flavor.

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Taster’s Review:

This is nice!  I like the delicate citrus-y quality to this Ivy Hills Estate Black Tea Essence of Lemongrass from Eden Grove.  The black tea is the prominent flavor, but, it’s followed up with this light, sweet, citrus-y taste from the lemongrass.

The black tea has a robust, earthy scent to it and there are barely there hints of lemon.  The tea also tastes earthy and rich, and it is a pleasing medium-to-full bodied tea.  I am impressed by the amount of flavor that this tea delivers, especially considering that this came from a sachet!  This is one sacheted/bagged tea that I could recommend with great confidence.

The lemongrass is a flavor that starts out delicate, but as I continue to sip, the hints of citrus become stronger.  It never becomes a really bold flavor nor does it ever attempt to compete with the star of the show:  the black tea.  There is just enough lemongrass to give the tea an enjoyable touch of citrus without going overboard.

I like this one a lot.  This is the kind of tea that I’d like to have with me when I travel, because let’s face it, when traveling I don’t want to mess around with loose leaf tea.  It’s just too messy and not terribly convenient.  But, these sachets would make traveling with my own tea easy, and this is tasty stuff!  It’s SO MUCH better than anything I’ve ever found in a hotel’s tea selections!

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