Whole Leaf Green Tea with Essence of Sunflower from Eden Grove

EG 12ct Prism CollectionTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

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Camellia Sinensis with Red Pigments (Red Tea) with natural Sunflower flavor.

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Taster’s Review:

The ingredients of this Whole Leaf Green Tea with Essence of Sunflower form Eden Grove confuses me.   The “red pigments” part confuses me.  Red Tea to me means either Rooibos or black/oxidized tea leaves, depending upon where the tea is coming from.  And this with this tea, the dry leaf looks like green tea leaves.  I don’t see any rooibos and the leaves don’t appear oxidized.  When I brewed the tea, it brewed up to look like a green tea – it’s a light, bright yellow-ish green color.  And it tastes like a green tea.

Actually, it tastes like a green tea and sunflower petals.  I can taste the distinct, bitter notes of the sunflower and they add a certain “perkiness” to this cup.  The green tea is sweet and has a light, refreshing, slightly buttery tone to them.  The sunflower adds a nice contrast to the green tea.

And I like that this is different from the usual tea selection.  I encounter a lot of flavored teas on this, my tea journey, and I encounter many scented teas.  But usually those teas aren’t flavored or scented with Sunflower.  Usually those that craft the tea select a different flower when they scent a tea:  rose and jasmine are two that come to mind immediately.  But I don’t think I’ve found a tea until now that has been flavored/scented with Sunflower.  And I like it!

So while I don’t understand the ingredient list of this tea … what I do understand is that I am enjoying what I’m drinking.   It has an invigorating sort of flavor that doesn’t weigh the palate down.  It’s a very nice, relaxing cup to sip.

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