Cucumber White Tea from Tazo

cucumberwhiteTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

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Tea Description:

A replenishing blend of delicate white tea, real cucumber and lime peel.

Taster’s Review:

I had my reservations about this tea.  First of all, when I think Tazo, my first thought is of Steven Smith, who started Tazo.  And then I’m reminded that this company was later acquired by Starbucks and in my opinion, they ruined it.

So, now, my happy thoughts of Tazo and Steven Smith (aka the rock star of tea!) have been tainted by Starbucks and speedy, spendy coffee.  But as I prepared this Cucumber White Tea from Tazo, I decided not to let my notions (be they ill-conceived or not) affect my opinion of this particular tea experience.  I would do my best to go into this moment with an open mind.

When I opened the pouch, I smelled the lime.  The cucumber, not so much.  The taste is similar:  I taste lime.  I don’t taste a lot of cucumber here.  I do taste some white tea notes:  fresh, light, and almost melon-esque with hints of the air in the countryside after a hay field has been cut.  I can also taste SOME cucumber notes … but they are diminished by the presence of the lime.

The lime tastes tart and slightly bitter.  I can taste the pithy taste of the lime peel.  But it also has a bright, juicy taste too … I can taste all of the lime here, as well as the crisp notes of the white tea.  I just find myself wishing I tasted more cucumber.  After all, this tea is called Cucumber White Tea.

Overall, it’s not a terrible tea.  It has a light, refreshing taste with a bright acidity from the lime.  Not bad … just not great.

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