Lemon & Lime Twist Black Tea from Ahmad Tea

lemonlimeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Ahmad Tea

Tea Description:

The zesty flavour of lemons lend this tea a warm aroma and generous flavour.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I generally go into a tasting of a bagged tea with a certain amount of diffidence.  If my experience with tea over the many years that I’ve been drinking it (more years than I care to admit to!) have taught me anything, it would be that even though there are some bagged/sacheted teas that have been quite lovely, I can’t say that they compare to the quality of most loose leaf tea.  As a rule, I prefer loose leaf tea.  Loose leaf is just better.

That said, for the most part, I’ve enjoyed teas from Ahmad Tea – even their bagged varieties!  And this Lemon & Lime Twist Black Tea is tasty.  The bright, citrus-y notes are very uplifting, and the black tea is brisk and flavorful.

Citrus flavors and tea is a classic combination, I mean, who hasn’t twisted a slice of lemon into their cup of black tea (or a glass of iced tea)?  The sunny flavor of lemon really elevates a cup of pure black tea.  Here, the lemon is given a twist of lime to create a very enjoyable, tarty note that isn’t so tart that I’m puckering when I sip it.

There is a nice sweet contrast here to offset the tartness just enough to where my tart-sensitive palate can handle it.   I am getting a tangy-tart taste, notes of sweetness, and there is even a slight bitterness to this.  The bitterness is not coming from the black tea although, I wouldn’t recommend oversteeping this tea. I taste the pith of the fruit and that’s where the slight bitterness is coming from.  I can taste hints of that fruit pith, and it isn’t an off-putting flavor.  Actually, it’s a bit grapefruit-y!  I like it.

A really enjoyable cuppa … this is a tea that I wouldn’t mind having with me when I travel – the fact that it’s bagged would provide me with the convenience I need when I’m on the go, and it has a pleasing flavor.  This one is also really refreshing iced.

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