After 8 Tea Tisane from Eden Grove

EG 12ct Prism CollectionTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black & Green Teas

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Green Tea, Black Tea, Spearmint, Pineapple, Mint Flavor, Red Rose Petals, Jasmine Flowers, Chrysanthemum Flowers, Hibiscus, Calendula Flower.

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Taster’s Review:

This After 8 Tea Tisane from Eden Grove is one of the more unusual teas I’ve come across in my ongoing tea journey!  It has a lot going on … but I’m happy to say that the flavors work together in a pleasing way.

I brewed this at a lower temperature to accommodate for the green tea (180°), and steeped it slightly longer (3 1/2 minutes) to ensure that I could get a lot of flavor from the black tea and the herbals in this blend.

The result is a very unusual yet flavorful blend of flower and mint, with an earthy, sweet background.  I taste both the black and green teas here.  The black tea is not as full-bodied as I would probably have achieved if I brewed the tea at a higher temperature, although if I had, I don’t know that I would be tasting the sweet, buttery notes of the green tea that I am able to taste now.  I think that the delicate notes of the green tea would have been lost if the black tea were a stronger, more developed flavor.

The mint is not overpowering, but it is a dominate flavor profile in this cup.  It tastes crisp and cool without tasting like someone added a splash of mouthwash to my cup of tea.  I taste light pineapple notes, and I’m happy that the hibiscus here is more of a “tart” flavor rather than a profound note.

That little bit of tart flavor from the hibiscus highlights the pineapple and accents some of the sharper notes of the floral flavors of rose and jasmine.  I taste more rose than I do jasmine.  The jasmine is a soft, exotic note and is not quite a fully realized jasmine flavor, while the rose is a sweet, slightly sharp, distinct rose taste, albeit delicate.

Overall, I found this blend intriguing.  It is quite different from anything that I’ve tasted before, and I like that.  I like that this is a little out of the box … but not so “out there” that I found it too bizarre to enjoy.

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