Laos Black Tea #05 from Steepster

laos5Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Steepster Select

Tea Description:

A black teas from Laos with this quality of manufacture is almost unheard of. Our dedicated producer has thrown convention out the window and began making teas that rival India and China. This rolled, jet black tea with golden buds is a sure sign Laos is on its way.

Taster’s Review:

When I first opened the packet of this Laos Black Tea #05 from Steepster and smelled the contents, I found myself bewildered by the fragrance.  It was a scent that was totally unfamiliar to me, especially in the world of tea.  Usually a black tea smells “earthy” or “leathery” or even “fruity” or “floral.”  But this tea smelled like none of those things!

On Steepster, one of the tasting notes suggested a “tomato” fragrance, and while I don’t know that what I smelled was that of tomato … I do certainly agree that it smells different.

The flavor is also quite different from any black tea that I’ve had, although there are some familiar notes to this as well.  This has a richness to it, although I find the body to be somewhat lighter than the typical black tea.  It is sweet (like honey!) and there are some delicious malty tones to this.  I also taste earthy notes with whispers of smoke.

And, yes, these are all notes that in other black teas … but it’s just the way these particular flavors come together in this particular tea that makes it different.  It’s malty and rich, but it is lighter than other black teas that are known for malty, rich flavors like an Assam or a Fujian black.

It’s an easy to sip tea … something I’d be happy to drink again.

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