English Olive Leaf Tea from Rare Tea Co.

oliveTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Rare Tea Co.

Tea Description:

Olives have been cultivated around the world for 5,000 years, but never commercially in the UK until now. The olive grove at Southdown Trees in Sussex is the first and only of its type in the UK.

The leaves are handpicked from the tree, carefully washed, quickly air-dried, then left to cure with the absence of sunlight.

Reaserch suggests that drinking Olive Leaf Tea can help to lower both colesterol and blood pressure and maintain a healthy immune system.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I haven’t consumed a lot of olive leaf tea.  But the few that I’ve had, I’ve enjoyed, and I’m really liking this English Olive Leaf Tea from Rare Tea Co.

And this is different from other olive leaf teas that I’ve had.  The first noticeable difference:  this is whole leaf.  It isn’t a bagged tea.  It doesn’t come in a sachet.  It’s whole leaf, and the leaves look … well, they look like the photo above.  Whole and large like that.  Not crumbled or broken or chopped.

The flavor is sweet and very similar to the taste of a light green tea.  It tastes a little lighter and a little sweeter than most green teas.  There is even a slight buttery taste and texture that is similar to what you might experience with, say, a Chinese Sencha.  It’s a little lighter than that in both flavor and texture, so it’s more like a light Chinese Sencha.

There is also a pleasing savory tone to this.  On the Rare Tea Co. website, it is stated that this is enjoyed with “Pan con Tomate” which is fresh tomatoes with oil and garlic on toast.  I can see how this tisane would make a delightful complement to this dish, and it has me wondering what type of flavors the tomatoes and garlic bring out in this beverage.  I may have to try it myself!

Since this is so similar in taste to a green tea, I think that this would make a really nice substitute for those who must limit their caffeine intake but miss their green tea.  It would also be a nice drink for later in the evening when you want the flavor of green tea but not the stimulation of the caffeine.

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