Revisiting a Product Review: The One-Touch Tea Maker from Breville

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Product Description:

The new Breville Tea Maker is a revolutionary tea experience. The fully automated tea basket moves down, then up, gently agitating the leaves to precisely infuse your tea. Push the basket button and watch the basket cycle in and out of immersion. Seeing is believing.

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Product Review:

Yeah, I know I reviewed this before.  I’m revisiting this product because if you’ve been reading my recent posts, you are aware that I recently had a tragedy involving my beloved One-Touch Tea Maker:  I broke the carafe or “jug” as it’s called by the manufacturer, Breville.

I was devastated.  I was so depressed about it that I failed to write reviews for a few days.

This appliance – seriously! – is my most used appliance in the household, second only to the refrigerator.  The refrigerator counts as the most used only because it’s always running.  But, I operate my Breville One-Touch more often than I use the stove or washing machine or toaster or any other appliance besides the one appliance that needs to be plugged in and running constantly.

So, when I broke the carafe, I was heart-broken.  I’ve had this appliance for four years now and had become dependent upon it.  It not only brews my black and green teas as well as tisanes perfectly, but, it also heats water to the perfect temperature so that I can brew Oolong, yellow and white teas properly.  (I brew Oolong and Yellow teas in my gaiwan and my white teas are steeped in a separate teapot because I find that the bulk of the white tea leaves works better in a ceramic teapot.)  How was I supposed to heat water now?  Ack!

Yeah, I know.  #FirstWorldProblems right?  Or maybe it should be #SpoiledTeaBloggerProblems.

Anyway, I broke the carafe on a Sunday.  I visited the Breville website where the parts and accessories are sold.  And there, I could buy a replacement lid, the power base, basket, basket lid, even the cute little tea scoop that comes with the unit.  But the jug was no where to be found on the website.  What?  How could that be?  I sent off a customer inquiry email to inquire about how I could go about getting a replacement carafe.

By the next day, my devastation has turned into despair, so rather than waiting and hoping for a reply from the inquiry email, I called the customer service line the next day only to learn that the reason they don’t sell the jugs is that it’s not cost efficient.  It’s a complex piece of equipment, and apparently it would be too expensive for them to manufacture them for sale.  My option at that point was to buy another unit.

My husband assured me that we’d get another one, after all, he knew how important it was to me.  (I have a pretty good hubby, even though he doesn’t always understand my obsession with tea.)

Later that Monday afternoon, I received a call from the customer service department of Breville, and it was as though a ray of glorious sunshine shone down on my doom and despair!  They offered to send me a refurbished One-Touch Tea Maker at no charge to me if I sent them my still in working condition power base.  So, I sent them my power base, and I was notified immediately by email that my “order” was being processed.  My new (well, refurbished!) Tea Maker arrived a week later and now I’m brewing tea again!  Yay!  A happy ending to my depressing tale.

There are two reasons why I am revisiting this review:

  1. In its absence, I was reminded of just how awesome the Breville One-Touch really is.  If you are a frequent tea drinker – if you drink more than one or two cups of tea a day, you really SHOULD get yourself one of these remarkable appliances.  You will love it.  Yeah, I know there’s a certain charm to brewing tea the old fashioned way, but, once you realize how much more tea you will enjoy with one of these devices … you will be happy you got one for yourself.  It’s the best thing invented since Shennong had a few leaves from a tea tree fall into his cup of hot water.  (Check out that story here.)
  2. I really felt I needed to comment on Breville’s spectacular customer service!  Hey, they didn’t HAVE to send me a refurbished unit at no cost.  I had my Breville for four years!  And I used it every single day of those four years, save a day or two when we might have been on a day trip or something (we haven’t been on vacation in a while!)  I am BIG on customer service.  I refuse to buy another Samsung product because I received shoddy service from them many years ago.  And by the same token, if I find a company that treats me well, I’m going to be sharing my story of love for that company to anyone who will listen.  I love Breville, and when I buy other products (I need a blender soon as well as a food processor!) I’m going to be looking for Breville because I know they’re a brand I can trust.

Thank you Breville!  Thank you for your exceptional customer service!  You have a customer for life!

8 thoughts on “Revisiting a Product Review: The One-Touch Tea Maker from Breville

  1. I know how dependant one can get of this little technological thing. And I am glad to know that Breville customer service is so good.

  2. I love this tea maker. We use it every day, several times a day. I can’t imagine what I would have done if our glass kettle had broken. Good to know that customer service might be able to help. The only thing I don’t like about it so much: the basket seems to slip too low (nowadays.) I can’t fill the water even close to the maximum level because the basket slips down into the water well before it boils. So, you get cold steeped tea if you set it up overnight.
    That aside it is my favorite piece of tea equipment ever!

  3. That is both awesome customer service and awesome /recycling/. Honestly, if they hadn’t asked for the parts in return, most people would have chucked them into a landfill rather than bring them to an electronics recycling depot.

    “We’ll trade you a fully refurbished unit if you’ll give us the parts to refurbish more units.” A+.

  4. @Supermoon10 – agreed. I love that this was part of the deal. I wouldn’t have known what to do with the extra part, I probably would have stashed it up in my cupboard “just in case” but, I’m happy to not have to do that, and hopefully, someone else will get good use out of it in the future.

    Their customer service is superb.

    @jackie: I never had that problem, but that would be a bummer!

  5. Thank you for this product review, most of all the testament to a manufacturer with stellar customer service. It’s great for consumers to know about companies that stand behind their products and attend to their customers one-on-one!

  6. I love Breville! Haven’t yet had a problem with any of their products and hope I never do, but thank you for this excellent article…just in case. I’ve owned a few tea-making gadgets in my lifetime and the Tea Maker is by far my favorite, hope I’m never without it, way to make tea. What a difference the correct temp. and brew time make. And so easy to maintain. Gotta love this beauty!

  7. I am so sad, saturday evening and broke my breville glass. At least your article gives me hope that I’ll be able to keep using one without having to pay 300$ CA again.

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