Organic Original Tulsi from Tea of Life

TulsiLemongrassGingerTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Tulsi

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Tisane Description:

Tulsi or Holy basil is considered a medicinal plant with different parts of the plant possessing various different medicinal properties. Tulsi is said to be a remedy for digestive problems, acidity and other digestive disorders and help reduce weight as well.

Ingredients:  Organic Tulsi Leaf

Taster’s Review:

I think that I prefer Tulsi when it’s part of a blend (with other ingredients) than when it’s going solo like it is with this Organic Original Tulsi from Tea of Life.  This tulsi has a bit too much of a medicinal/herbaceous flavor for my liking and I find myself wishing that there was something else to perk up the beverage a bit.

That’s not to say that it tastes bad.  It doesn’t.  It has a basil like flavor, with peppery notes and a whisper of minty like background notes.  It’s a pleasant enough, savory tasting cuppa.  But, really, it’s just kind of … boring.  Perhaps I’ve been spoiled and been treated to quite a few flavored blends with Tulsi leaf, andso I feel like this tisane is falling a little flat in comparison.

Some good points:  It is a nice, gentle drink with a pleasing touch of spice, a really nice beverage to enjoy after meals.  I find that it has a soothing, settling quality to it especially after a very filling meal (like spaghetti!)  My tummy feels calmer now after drinking it than it did before I started sipping.  Another positive:  I like that this is organic.

Not a bad drink, but, not my favorite from those that I’ve tried from Tea of Life, either.  I do like that it’s an organic tisane, and I appreciate the health benefits that Tulsi offers, although as I’ve said on other occasions, I drink teas and tisanes not because they’re good for me, but because I enjoy the taste.  This is alright, but probably not something I’d want to drink often.

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