Pyin Green Tea (2014) from Shan Valley

Pyin_GreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Shan Valley

Tea Description:

This tea hails from Pyin Long within Northern Shan, Myanmar. This is also a first flush tea and is an everyday drinking tea. This tea is a reddish color.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

How lovely!

I was a little surprised when I first opened the pouch of tea and took a good look at the tea inside.  It looks like a black tea … or at the very least a well-oxidized Oolong, but the label said that it was a green tea.

And even though it looked like a black tea, the dry leaf possesses the aroma of a green tea!  A very strong vegetal scent, much like the smell that fills the kitchen when I’m steaming green veggies.  The leaves produce a fairly dark liquid (darker than what I usually see with a green tea) with a vegetative scent.

The flavor is not quite as vegetal as I would have expected, given all the veggie smells I was picking up in both the dry leaf and the brewed tea.  Yes, I do taste a grassy/vegetative flavor, but that’s not all I taste, nor is it the strongest flavor that I taste.

I taste notes of flower and fruit (somewhere between apple and melon), and a lovely buttery overtone.  The vegetal notes taste very fresh and invigorating – it’s a very refreshing and satisfying beverage.  It has a well-rounded flavor and while it is a thick, broth-like tea (in both taste and texture) and the buttery notes are strong, it doesn’t feel heavy as I sip it, nor does it leave the palate feeling coated with that buttery sensation.  It is very easy to drink, with a pleasant flavor that is sweet – but not too sweet – and savory.

Another GREAT tea from Shan Valley!

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