Chai Cacao Tea from Tisano

cacaochaiTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tisano

Tea Description:

In India tea has it’s roots in Ayurveda, a wholestic approach to medicine focusing on food and lifestyle. From there, India’s most popular beverage – Masala Chai, “Spiced Tea,” was born. Tisano takes this 5,000 year old tradition into the 21st Century – we source estate grown Assam Black Tea leaves, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and other spices to create a unique sweet and spicy chocolate Chai Cacao Tea.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I was so excited when this tea was offered on sale on the Tisano website recently, because I’ve been wanting to try it ever since I heard that it had been added to the Tisano line of teas and tisanes.  I’m really fond of Tisano’s original cacao tea which I reviewed previously (and plan to review again for this site soon!)  That moment when I first sampled the original was my first introduction to cacao shells (rather than nibs) as a source for chocolate-y infused drinks.  And seriously, there’s nothing better to infuse than cacao shells to get a rich, true, chocolate-y flavor!

When I visited the Tisano website to start prepping for this review, I learned that this wasn’t just a simple blend of cacao shells with spices like I first thought it was!  No!  This is actually a tea with camellia sinensis leaves, as well as cacao shells and spices.

Mmm!  This is so yummy!  The chocolate note is rich and prominent.  It’s the first note that I taste when I take a sip.  Decadent, rich, delicious chocolate!  Just beneath the chocolate-y surface is a satisfyingly smooth, malty note of Assam.  Then I pick up on the spices.

The spices here are not strong or “spicy.”  The spice notes are warm and I love the dimension that the spices add to this cup.  There is a really nice balance of the spices.  No one spice takes center stage, it is a well-rounded collection of spices that add warmth to the cup without overpowering the cacao.  Instead, the spices elevate the earthy notes of the cacao.

The cacao shells are the perfect representation of chocolate.  It’s rich and intensely flavorful.  It tastes like true chocolate much more so than any chocolate flavoring that I’ve experienced with flavored teas, and it’s also a better chocolate-y representation than cacao nibs.  This tastes like a deep, dark, rich chocolate with notes of bitter and sweet.  It tastes amazing as a latte too.  Perfect!

This is THE CHAI for chocolate lovers.  If you love chocolate, you really must try this tea!

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