First Date (Genmaicha Green Tea) from Tease

first.dateTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Tease

Tea Description:  

Antioxidant rich green tea blended with roasted rice simulating the first date snack staple – popcorn on movie night!

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Taster’s Review:

This “First Date” is the second tea that I’m trying from my July box from Postal Teas.  It’s a genmaicha green tea – Japanese green tea blended with roasted rice.  Not a tea that’s new to me, I’ve had a lot of genmaicha teas in my years as a tea reviewer.

It’s a sweet Japanese green tea blended with sweet, roasty-toasty rice.  Pleasant.  Agreeable.  And I’m enjoying my pot of tea that was made possible by my new subscription to Postal Teas and by Tease.

It’s a nice tea to have after a meal, because I find it to be sweet and almost dessert-like without tasting over-indulgent.  A good tea to choose to unwind with later in the afternoon, when you’re not quite ready to go “caffeine-free” but you don’t want something too stimulating.

It’s a good tea, but, as I’ve said, I’ve had a lot of genmaicha teas, and this isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

I guess I’m still feeling a little underwhelmed by the teas selected for the July Postal Teas box.  After perusing the Tease website, I felt like there were several intriguing teas to choose from … this isn’t one I would have selected, so I’m hopeful that they’ll impress me with next month’s box.

I certainly enjoyed receiving the package with the notebook and the handwritten note (a really nice touch) … and I really like the size of the packages of tea from Postal Teas – it’s just the right amount for a pot of tea.  However, I am hopeful that for August, the box from Postal Teas will prove to be more inspired.

2 thoughts on “First Date (Genmaicha Green Tea) from Tease

  1. Thank you sincerely for your review! We are thrilled you enjoyed First Date, and appreciate the honest feedback with regards to the package as a whole.

    You are correct, at Tease, we offer several unique interesting blends to choose from though at Postal Teas, their goal was to educate newly devoted tea consumers through featuring classic styles of tea in a world where now there are countless modern blends to choose from.

    Like a traditional Chardonnay or vintage Chanel bag, there are simply some classics that never go out of style and we are happy you had an opportunity to revisit and enjoy them. 🙂


    Founder – Tease Tea

    1. Hello:

      Thank you for commenting. I do understand why Postal Teas would want to explore the classics. They’re classics for a reason and I think that every tea drinker should have an appreciation for these teas. I didn’t mean any thing “bad” about my critique of the fact that this is not anything out of the ordinary. The fact that it is an “ordinary” genmaicha is what makes it a classic. My thoughts were just from my own personal standpoint: I generally don’t have to buy a lot of tea because I’m fortunate enough to have people want me to try their teas and review them. When I do buy or subscribe to the occasional service, I want something not so ordinary. It is my own personal bias, nothing against your teas whatsoever.

      Your Genmaicha (and the Kenyan Pekoe that I’ve previously reviewed) are both of fine quality. I haven’t yet tried the third tea, but that review will be featured soon.

      Thank you again for your comment.


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