Just Naughty ‘Nilla Black Tea from Just.Organic.Tea.

justorganictealogoTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Just.Organic.Tea

Tea Description:

We start with our premium black tea. Then, we add a generous amount of vanilla. Top it off with carob, and you’ve got the perfect dessert tea. Luxuriously rich and inviting, you’ll melt into vanilla heaven with hints of caramel-chocolaty goodness. Organic certified.

Taster’s Review:

This Just Naughty ‘Nilla is a blend that Just.Organic.Tea. offered when they were running their Kickstarter campaign (which did successfully fund, yay!) but it does not appear to be available at this time.

It’s a tasty blend.  Not my favorite vanilla tea that I’ve had, and I suspect that the main reason for that is the carob.  I’m not a big fan of carob, if you want chocolate-y flavor, go with cacao shells or nibs.  (Shells provide the best flavor, in my opinion.)  Carob just imparts a fake chocolate flavor.

That said … this is a tasty blend and with a few tweaks to it, I think that Just.Organic.Tea would have a successful tea.  The black tea base is a rich, well-rounded, full-bodied tea.  Notes of malt.  It’s a robust black tea that would make a nice morning tea and with the vanilla addition, it makes it just a little dessert-y for breakfast.  Who doesn’t want a little dessert for breakfast?

I love that this is an organic tea, and I do appreciate Just.Organic.Tea.’s ideas about social responsibility.  It’s a great company and I have enjoyed most of the products that I’ve tried.

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