Chamomile Lemongrass Tisane from Tea of Life

chamomilelemongrassTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Tisane Description:

Chamomile flowers which are rich in aromatics and flavonoids blended with Lemongrass grown in the tropics to offer a drink as a carminative and to enhance appetite and help digestion.  

Enjoy this wonderful tea to a healthier life overall.

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Taster’s Review:

As I’ve said before:  when it comes to chamomile teas and chamomile blends like this Chamomile Lemongrass Tisane from Tea of Life, I’m less than excited.  I’d just really rather drink REAL tea, you know?  Camellia Sinensis, please.  And chamomile has always held that position as one of my least favorite herbs, and every time I drink chamomile, I realize how unfair I’ve been to the herb known as chamomile.

I actually don’t hate chamomile, but, there’s just this automatic response that I seem to have that makes me think I do.  It’s kind of like that kid that thinks they don’t like broccoli, but when they actually try broccoli, it turns out that they like it.  But the next time you put broccoli on that kid’s dinner plate, chances are the kid is going to claim they don’t like it.

I guess you could say that chamomile is my broccoli.  I really do like it, but the kid in me thinks I don’t.

And this is actually really a tasty tisane.  The chamomile is the prominent flavor and it has a light, apple-like flavor that melds really nicely with the light, lemon-lime notes of the lemongrass.  I also taste a pollen-y/honey-esque note that I really am enjoying.

The lemongrass is not as discernible in this blend as I thought it would be, or as I think it should be.  I like lemongrass – I love that soft, citrus-y note.  With this tisane, though, the citrus notes seem to emerge primarily in the aftertaste.  They’re really quite soft during the sip, sitting off in the background, allowing the chamomile to come out strong.

I steeped this teabag for 10 minutes in 195°F water.  I find that with herbals, a slightly lower than boiling point is better.  The lower temperature and long steep time allows the flavors of the herbs to come forward without tasting really medicinal or coming off as bitter.  And while chamomile is often thought of as a functional herb for it’s calming properties, I still don’t want my chamomile to come off harsh tasting and medicinal.

And as I sip this, I feel myself beginning to relax, which is exactly what I want when I sip on a chamomile tisane.

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