Infusion des Marmottes Tisane from Les 2 Marmottes

Les2MarmottsTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Tisane

Where to Buy:  Les 2 Marmottes

Tisane Description:

Created in 1976, this is the first composition of two marmots.  This herbal tea to ruby and tangy taste is the sweetest and most mysterious of all.  Seven plants were found, but the dosage is one that will remain well buried in a hidden family secret terrier gallery . . .  

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I think that this is the blend that started the company (or so I’ve been led to believe by the above description).  It is a combination of linden, verbena, peppermint, hibiscus, chamomile, rosehip and orange blossoms.

To steep this blend, I heated the kettle to 195°F and used about 6 ounces of water to 1 teabag and left it to steep for 8 minutes.  It’s a little longer than I typically steep a blend with hibiscus in it (usually I steep it for 6 minutes, tops!) but because I didn’t see a lot of ruby colored leaves through the teabag, I hoped that I wouldn’t be left with a cup of tisane where the hibiscus completely took over.

Fortunately for me, there doesn’t seem to be a heavy amount of hibiscus to this blend.  The color of the brewed liquid is lightly “rosy” but not ruby red the way that heavily hibiscus-ed blends often are.  It also doesn’t have the thick texture (or pucker-y tartness) of a heavily hibiscus-ed blend.

This is a surprisingly balanced combination of the eight ingredients.  The two ingredients that I expected to overpower the others – the aforementioned hibiscus and the peppermint – do not knock out the other components of this blend.  Peppermint can often be a rather strong presence in a blend when added with too heavy a hand.  Here, the peppermint tastes light.  It is crisp and adds a cool flavor to the cup without overwhelming the other flavors of the cup.

The linden, chamomile and orange blossom add just a whisper of floral essence to the cup while the verbena adds a hint of citrus.

The overall flavor of the cup is subtle and herbaceous.  Do I like it?  It’s alright.  Not the best tisane I’ve ever tasted but certainly not the worst either.  I think I rather prefer some of the other tisanes that I’ve tried from Les 2 Marmottes, but this isn’t terrible.  It’s a gentle cuppa, nice for later in the evening when you’re wanting to wind down and relax.  I think it’s best served with a little drizzle of honey to the cup – it makes this a very soothing and calming drink.

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