Tropical Sorbet Black Tea from Tea of Life

TeaofLifeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Tea Description:

Black tea with natural banana, pineapple, passion fruit & mango flavors.

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Taster’s Review:

This is one of the tastier teas that I’ve received from Tea of Life.  I’ve enjoyed a few of their teas and there were some that I didn’t really care for but this one moves its way right toward the top of the list.  It’s got a good flavor:  a background of brisk black tea with a pleasant tropical fruit note.  As summer has come to an end and fall has just begun, this tea takes my taste buds on a summer-y holiday to the tropics.

I like that I can taste each of the fruit flavors:  I taste notes of banana and mango, hints of pineapple-y sweetness and a touch of passion fruit, but these flavors do not overpower the black tea base.  The black tea tastes smooth and I’m tasting more of the sweeter notes of the black tea emerge thanks to the sweetness of the fruit notes.  It’s a very harmonious taste.

It’s sweet but not too sweet and the fruity flavors are not overwhelming.  There is no doubt that what I’m drinking is tea that has been flavored with fruit rather than fruit flavors rather than fruit flavors with a little bit of black tea mixed in.  This is tea first!

It’s a tasty cuppa served hot but I like this one best when it cools because the fruity notes give it a very refreshing taste that is more “iced tea” to me.  An enjoyable tea from Tea of Life.

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