Product Review: Sweetened MatchaBooster from Maeda-en

matchabooster-sweetenedProduct Information:

MatchaBooster is a ready-to-use matcha-based powder. It mixes easily in your favorite drink and can used as a cooking ingredient.

Boost up your lifestyle with Maeda-en MatchaBooster♪

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Refreshing green tea flavor with a light sweet taste!

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Taster’s Review:

Not long ago, I reviewed the Unflavored MatchaBooster.  Now, I’m going to try the sweetened version of this tea product from Maeda-en.  The sugar to sweeten this MatchaBooster adds 60 calories to each serving (a serving size is one tablespoon), whereas the unsweetened MatchaBooster has no calories per serving (a serving size of the unsweetened version is 1/2 teaspoon).

I outlined the versatility of this product in that previous review, so for the purposes of this review, I decided to start simple and add 2 tablespoons of product to my favorite water bottle (which holds 16 ounces of water) and give it a vigorous shake.

Even with the sugar addition to this product, it still mixes up easily.  But because you need to add a bit more of the powder to the water bottle, I recommend starting with half a bottle, pouring in the 2 tbsp. of MatchaBooster and then shaking it (this leaves plenty of room for the shake!) and adding more water after the powder is well-integrated.  I was actually surprised at how easily this amount of powder mixed into the water – I expected sediment to settle at the bottom of the bottle quickly but it didn’t.

Not surprisingly, it’s sweet.  The sweetness is a little jarring, really, because I think that there’s too much sweetener in this.  I’d be happy with about half the amount of sweetener used.  Then again, I have often said that I prefer to sweeten my tea – or not sweeten it, if I so choose – and on the rare occasion that I do sweeten my tea, I usually go with a light hand.  It almost reminds me of a cane sugar soda – it’s that kind of sweetness but without the fizzy bubbles.

But even though this is sweet and I can actually taste the flavor of “sugar” here, I can also taste the green tea goodness of Matcha.  It is light and vegetal, buttery with notes of cacao.  It’s an invigorating drink.

FrappeWhere this product would really excel – I think – is in recipes, like the Frappe.  This is going to be like the coffee shop’s Matcha blended ice drinks – only for a fraction of the price.  Really, the price of this package at $5.90 is probably about what you’d pay for a “tall” drink at the coffee shop.  (It’s been a really long time since I’ve bought one of those drinks so I really don’t remember how much they cost!)

In my opinion, this Sweetened MatchaBooster really is a little sweeter than I like my Matcha to taste, so, I recommend mixing this with the Unsweetened MatchaBooster to “boost” the sweetness of the unsweetened without going super sweet.  I prefer it with about 1 tbsp of this Sweetened MatchaBooster and 1 tsp of the Unsweetened MatchaBooster in my water bottle with 16 ounces of water.  This has been my favorite way to enjoy both of these products.  I like the combination of the two products better than I like either one on its own!  It’s sweet but not too sweet and I get more of the Matcha flavor that I adore.

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