Creamy Autumn Chai Tisane from Because UR Priceless

creamyautumnchaiTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Because UR Priceless on Etsy

Tisane Description:

Autumn is hands down my favorite season! The spectacular show of fall leaves, the crisp fall air, and the smell of bonfires is amazing. I cannot think of a better tea to accompany this vibrant season than our Creamy Autumn Chai. Reminiscent of pumpkin pie, this delightfully delicious blend of red rooibos, cinnamon, orange peel, ginger root, and cloves makes for a great dessert tea (without the calories of an actual slice of pumpkin pie). Adding a touch of milk and honey (or sugar) will complement the luscious flavor and add to decadence of the moment. Go ahead, celebrate fall.

Learn more about this tisane here.

Taster’s Review:

I was quite excited when my package from Because UR Priceless arrived.  The samples were neatly packaged in glassine envelopes that have been colorfully labeled and sealed with a strip of decorative tape.  These envelopes were tucked inside a small box that also labeled with an inspirational quote:

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”  -J.M. Barrie

The box was finished off with a bright yellow ribbon.  I love it when I get packages like this – it’s the special little touches that keep customers coming back for more!

Out of the samples that I was sent, I grabbed this one first.  I’m not sure why, exactly, but something about the name of the tea jumped out and grabbed me:  Creamy Autumn Chai.  It seemed like just the right tea to be drinking today.

creamyautumnchai1As I steeped this tea – 195°F for 10 minutes – I found myself wondering what element of this tea would make it seem creamy?  The rooibos?  The cinnamon or the ginger or the cloves?  The orange peel?  None of these ingredients strike me as a particularly “creamy” flavor when infused.

While I’m still unsure which ingredient was considered creamy, I’m guessing that the rooibos is the creamy factor in this arrangement.  I never really considered rooibos to be a creamy tasting herb, except when cream and/or vanilla flavors are added to it.  Maybe it’s the natural nutty tones of the rooibos that give off a creamy taste?

Anyway, I started to find myself confused and dedicating far more thought to it than maybe I should.  I decided to just sit back and enjoy the tisane instead of focusing on the word creamy.

It’s a nice blend of spices.  I feel like just the right balance was achieved with these spices.  The cinnamon is sweet yet zesty, the cloves are warm and the ginger adds a nice bit of heat to the cup without going too spicy.  I like that I can taste each of these ingredients and they seem to be working together in a unified way to create a cozy medley of flavor.  No one spice is trying to overpower the others.

It tastes like pumpkin pie spices!  Definitely autumnal.  Warm and comforting.  Soothing to drink.  I especially like the orange and the bright touch of flavor that it adds to the cup.

The rooibos is a nice base for these flavors.  It’s nutty and woodsy – certainly two flavors that I would associate with autumn.  A sweet, honey-like flavor.  Quite a pleasant mix of flavors:  the rooibos, the spices and the orange.

And you know what, the more I drink this … the more I understand the creaminess.  It’s not an obvious creamy note, but there is a certain creaminess to this that becomes more noticeable as I continue to sip.

The flavors evoke thoughts of autumn – specifically of autumn leaves.  It probably goes without saying that the spices are very autumnal.  But it’s the addition of orange that makes me think of the leaves and the natural woodsy and nutty tones of the rooibos that make me think of the leaves as they change their color and fall to the ground.

This is the first of the teas that I’ve tried from this company, and I’m pleased with what I’ve experienced thus far from them.  I look forward to more!

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