Sweet Cinnamon Maté Tisane from Because UR Priceless

sweetcinnamonmateTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Yerba Maté

Where to Buy:  Because UR Priceless on Etsy

Tisane Description:

Yerba Matế (pronounced mah-tay) has long been recommended for promoting vitality, clarity and well-being. Not only does it contain 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and a host of antioxidants, but it is traditionally used as a catalyst to help your body take in the benefits of other herbs.

Our SWEET CINNAMON MATẾ combines this wonderful leaf with spicy cinnamon and sweet cacao nibs to make for an unforgettable tea drinking experience.

Learn more about this tisane here.

Taster’s Review:

This tisane is delightful!

The Yerba Mate appears to be a “green” (rather than a roasted) Yerba Mate and it lends a fresh crisp taste to the cup.  Yerba Mate is a very invigorating drink and I love the refreshing flavor of the green Mate in this.  It is a nice contrast to the warm, spicy-sweet cinnamon and the rich notes of cacao.

sweetcinnamonmate1The cinnamon here adds a gentle heat.  It’s not overly spicy, but it’s warming and it’s especially nice to be drinking on a cool autumn morning like this.  Cozy, like a warm fluffy blanket but less likely to lull you into a sleepy state because we’re drinking Mate here!  The Mate gives you a swift kick in the butt to get you going and keep you alert!

The cacao nibs are a nice touch.  It gives a slight chocolate-y sweetness to the cup to soften the edge of the cinnamon and enhance the earthy quality of the Mate in a favorable way.  (Mate can sometimes be a little more on the vegetal earthy side, the cacao ensures a more chocolate-y earthiness which I like much better.)

To brew this tea, I grabbed my Kati Tumbler and added the contents of the sampler packet to the basket.  That’s probably a tad more than was needed for a 12 ounce cuppa, but, I tend to prefer my tisanes to be brewed strong because they tend to be somewhat “thinner” in body.

I added hot water (195°F) and steeped the tisane for 10 minutes.  I have found that Yerba Mate can become a little bitter if you either:  a) bring the water to boiling, or; b) steep too long.  If you eliminate one of these factors, in this case, I brought the water to just boil, then you don’t get that unpleasant bitterness from the Mate and you can steep the blend a little longer to ensure a strong flavor from the infusion.

It’s a very satisfying beverage that’s a little sweet, a little spicy and a whole lot energizing!

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